About Us

Yoni Kahn is a theoretical physicist whose research is focused on dark matter and supersymmetry. Currently a postdoctoral research associate at Princeton University, he received his Ph.D. in 2015 from MIT, supported by an NSF Graduate Fellowship. In 2016 he received the American Physical Society's J.J. and Noriko Sakurai Dissertation Award in Theoretical Particle Physics. He holds undergraduate degrees in music and physics from Northwestern University. His website is here.

Adam J. Anderson is an experimental physicist working at the interface between cosmology and particle physics. As a Lederman postdoctoral fellow at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, he currently develops and builds new instruments for the South Pole Telescope and uses them to perform precision measurements of the cosmic microwave background. He received his PhD from MIT in 2015 as a DOE SCGF Fellow, where he performed dark matter searches and studied neutrino physics. His undergraduate studies were in physics and mathematics at the University of Chicago. His website is here.