To err is human; to forgive divine. While we have tried very hard to write the most correct materialize possible, we fully admit that we are imperfect. To make it a little easier to forgive us, we have compiled errata for all of our documents. Obviously if you notice something missing, feel free to contribute by sending us an email. The first errata pertains to versions of the material that were released since September 2012, including all versions of our printed book and the PDF chapters and exams. The second errata pertains to much older versions of the exams and chapters that were purchased or downloaded before September 2012. No versions of the book or recent PDFs should contain any of these errors.

As a token of our appreciation, we are offering two incentives to report errors in the text. If you find at least 10 new errors not yet listed in the errata, we will give you your choice of either

a.) a $25 refund on your purchases

b.) a free copy of the book including your revisions

The 10 errors must be genuine errors in equations or explanations of physical concepts, not just misspellings or grammatical mistakes (we of course would love to hear about these too). These incentives apply to anyone who has purchased either a print copy of the book or PDFs.

3rd edition errata (last updated 10 July 2021)

2nd edition errata (last updated 12 March 2017)

1st edition errata (last updated 31 August 2014)