Subject Reviews

If you just need to brush up on one or two specific topics, consider buying a couple chapters from our book individually as PDFs. The content of each PDF is identical to the corresponding chapter in Conquering the Physics GRE. Each chapter contains a review of the topics covered in each subject on the physics GRE, as well as practice problems and worked solutions, and costs $3 to download. Follow the links below to purchase each PDF via PayPal. You’ll get an email to your PayPal address with the link to download the files. If you're curious about the format, check out the first couple of pages from the Quantum Mechanics chapter here.

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Foreword (free)

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Ch. 1: Classical Mechanics

Ch. 2: Electricity and Magnetism

Ch. 3: Optics and Waves

Ch. 4: Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics

Ch. 5: Quantum Mechanics and Atomic Physics

Ch. 6: Special Relativity

Ch. 7: Laboratory Methods

Ch. 8: Specialized Topics

Ch. 9: Special Tips and Tricks for the Physics GRE