Sample Exams

We have prepared several sample exams, as well as complete solutions including alternate GRE-specific strategies, for purchase as PDFs on this site. Although the distribution of the subject matter and the precise content covered matches ETS’s guidelines for the test as closely as possible, the limited sample size (5 tests released by ETS, and only two within the last 10 years) makes it difficult to know how representative our sample exams are. Thus we have made no attempt to scale the scores on the sample exam into comparable scores on the real Physics GRE. We recommend that you use our sample exams to get practice with material and format of the real test, but you shouldn’t expect them to be exactly representative of the test that you will soon be taking.

While every effort has been made to create the highest quality practice problems and solutions, some errors may still be present. We encourage you to let us know if you find an error, or if you have comments about how our test compares to a real Physics GRE! As we revise these exams, we will gladly send you the updated versions if you have purchased an older version. Drop us a line at physics [at]

The exams (including an answer key) are available for $8 each, with full solutions for an extra $4, for purchase through PayPal here. You’ll get an email to your PayPal address with the link to download the files.

Sample Exam 1

Sample Exam 2

Sample Exam 3

To give you a flavor for what these exams look like, here’s the first page of one of them: